Residence Visas

Forming a UAE-based company provides eligibility for expatriates & foreigners to receive a UAE residence visa, and thereby live in the UAE, as investors or partners. Visas are typically valid for 2 to 3 years. Sponsorship can be extended to cover family members.

Depending on the size of company formed and jurisdiction, your company would be eligible to hire a set number of employees as UAE residents, under employment visas.

In order to maintain residency, one needs to enter the UAE once every six months.

Calculus are experts in visa processing, and will guide you through the various steps required for individuals to gain UAE residency. Our service starts from unmatched knowledge of eligibility criteria and requirements, efficient document submission, and extends to medical arrangement & Emirates ID generation.

The Golden Visa regime, which was first introduced in UAE in 2019, continues to evolve with additional routes frequently being introduced. This is a long-term residence visa (5 or 10 years) which allows qualifying individuals to live, work or study in UAE without requiring a sponsor.

There are several paths to obtaining a Golden Visa, which range from meeting specific financial thresholds in public fund and real estate investments, as well as entrepreneurship. Specialized talents in fields such as medicine, science, culture, art, and athletics – as well as several engineering disciplines – also enable qualification for Golden Visa.

In the short history of the program, Calculus have supported with obtaining Golden Visas that provide additional independence, flexibility and freedom to our clients. We continue to stay on top of the latest requirements, and are thus best-positioned to advise on how you can obtain your Golden Visa.